Activities at La Bursch

Activities in the surrounding area


The estate is completely surrounded by the lush nature of the Cervo valley. From the property’s private park you can reach the nearby creek and enjoy a summer swim in the cool waters of the “Cervo.” In the fall, the foliage is unmissable, while in spring the blooms signal that unique time of the year when nature awakens and the land is infused with colors and scents.


La Bursch also offers multiple options for sports enthusiasts, with the opportunity of being tutored by competent ski instructors and mountain guides. The area is suitable for countless activities, including horseback riding, hiking, MTB, and tennis, along with more extreme sports such as elyskiing, canyoning, downhill, paragliding, and bungee jumping.

Rosazza Tennis Club

La Bursch unlocks for its guests the historic Rosazza Tennis Club. A unique and exclusive experience that may be booked directly at the hotel.


One of the most special experiences: fly-fishing on the family’s private estate within the Zegna oasis (Oasi Zegna), with a visit to the “Casa del Pescatore” (fisherman’s house) where you may cook and eat what you have caught in the Cervo creek; you can also book your stay through La Bursch.

ATL Biella

Outdoor tourism, Unesco sites, slow itineraries, alpine sanctuaries, cashmere and flavors. The Biellese that you would never guess!
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Zegna Oasis

100 KM2 of protected land in Piedmont in the Biellese Alps, between Tivero Valdilana and the Cervo valley.
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Esoteric Tour of Rosazza

An exclusive private tour to discover Rosazza, one of Italy’s most beautiful and mysterious villages. Characterized by eccentric architecture and Masonic and esoteric symbols.
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Biellezza Foundation

Biellezza Foundation is committed to enhancing tourism in the Biella region and boosting the area through projects that can attract investments and stimulate new business activities capable of generating new employment opportunities, thus contributing to the welfare of local communities.

Cappellificio Cervo

Cappellificio Cervo (Cervo Hat Factory) is the place where hat making draws from more than 120 years of original ideas to find inspiration for the development of a contemporary style. The archive, with 656 wooden hat forms, 431 metal ones, and 392 formulas for as many color shades, is a full immersion in the history of headwear and a unique source of creativity. Guests of La Bursch’s can book a private tour of Cappellificio Cervo, which is also the only way for visitors to enter this historic hat factory.
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Visit to local producers and gastronomic activities

Food and wine lovers shouldn’t miss the variety of organized visits to local producers, from beekeepers to botanical greenhouses and small artisans. Cheese making, particularly mozzarella, is an educational and fun activity to engage in with family, friends, or as team-building.