Enchanting nature full of native plants envelopes the mansion, with an exclusive path that leads to the stream: the ideal place to take a quick dip in the summer in the cool and crisp waters of the Cervo. For lovers of hiking and sport, BÜRSCH offers its certified ski instructors and the best Alpine guides for fun and safe excursions. Go fly fishing at just a few meters from the mansion, or go horseback riding down the horse trail that connects the Aosta Valley with the surrounding valleys for unbridled adventure. Some of the more extreme activities possible are Eliski, Canyoning, Downhill, Paragliding and Bungee Jumping.


The BÜRSCH whose name means "the house" in the ancient Walser dialect, is a borderland that has always been a crossroads of cultures and traditions.
The intense exchanges with the populations of the Lys and Sesia Valleys directed towards the Oropa Sanctuary and the pastures, promoted the transhumance of herds and small local trade: malga cheeses, chestnut flour, beech leaves and the typical scapin, were the first traded products. With the industrial revolution came the first modern "factories" developed here, thanks to the driving force of the streams and to the ability of the local populations in carding and weaving of precious wools: after the Via Francigena, the so-called Via della Lana (Wool Path) also constitutes a historical path made of art and industrial culture. Among the many destinations in the area the village of Rosazza, about 4 km from the mansion, which will win you over with the fascinating mysteries of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, while Piè di Cavallo, the last town before reaching the Aosta Valley will guide you down forest paths down uncontaminated landscapes, between fairy-tale and reality, up to the magical Pianlin waterfalls. Also, Candelo with its Ricetto Medievale and the renowned nursery gardening event "Candelo in fiore (Candelo in Bloom)" is an event not to be missed. The pride of the territory is the splendid Panoramica Zegna, aesthetic and ecstatic path through the luxuriant nature of the territory, and the well-known City of Art founded by Michelangelo Pistoletto as a point of encounter between pure creativity and industrial design.


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