The BÜRSCH allows you to experience a full-fledged "emotional tour": the charming Reception is the "starting point" of a complete sensorial journey.

The geographic theme lives throughout the entire structure, furnished with original objects from every corner of the world, collected over 4 generations of the mansion’s masters.



Different environments to always experience original and exclusive moments.

Suggestive suites will be built from the "stone tower", an ancient hemp drying room, while the "Palazzo dei Venti (Building of the Winds)" host independent rooms and a suggestive "Cantinone" with stone arches designed for tastings and lounging.

Breathtaking nature of indigenous plants surrounds the mansion while the Cervo stream lies nearby down the secluded path.

The mansion keeps the original plan of the seventeenth century intact, with several common areas designed to encourage moments of sharing and the pleasure of being together.

The "Giostra", the central body, features a 70s-style vintage music room equipped with instrumentation of the time, a cinema hall and a 1930s art décor bar dedicated to mixology experiences.

There is also a welcoming billiard room and a gaming room with retro slot machines and original boardgames.


The mansion offers an exclusive path where guests can enjoy every space and share experiences: the rooms of the "Castle" will take you to many places, from Africa to Asia passing through old Europe. Each room hosts objects of uncommon charm, collected by many generators of the owners and the result of their passion for travelling and discovery of distant lands.


An adventurous coast to coast between patchwork fabrics, ancient banknotes and memories of the Wild West that recount the era of pioneers and new frontiers.


The discreet charm of the Old Continent: ancient lace and lace, brass and vintage tapestries to relive the sensations of Belle Époque.


A full-fledged "lodge" in the savannah, where you can rediscover the emotions of the Safaris and the travels of the great explorers among vintage trunks, skins of wild animals and ancient maps.


All the mystery of the Orient, to find themselves in a Mandala of ancient Zen prints, transported in a new dimension by Japanese ivory sculptures and Malaysian wooden masks. 


Come see the way to cross the ice kingdom, protected by the warmth of the large fireplace and Tartan carpet, among a thousand Boule de neiges and ancient furs.

The journey involves the natural elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.
The emotive journey in the suites takes you to places of the soul and theatres of thought. The rooms become small worlds to explore, where you can recoup your energies, restore the spirit, and lose yourself in the luxury of simplicity.

EARTH: You will rediscover the strength of stone, surrounded by green ferns and among objects given a new purpose and ancient fabrics of local tradition.

WATER: The floor is as blue as the waters of the Cervo stream, and there is a "surprise" bathroom with countless majolica tiles: where you can feel immediately transported to a new dimension.

AIR: The windows afford a stunning view of the valley, which you can enjoy from the comfort of a chaise longue. In the Attic Suite you may be amused to browse collections of vintage Comics of yesteryear.

FIRE: In this warm and generously-sized suite you can find a fine old collection of Royal Copenhagen figurines and a traditional cuckoo clock.
Living room with kitchenette, and two single beds.

THEATRE OF THOUGHT: A room for reflection. Stretch out on the large wrought iron bed and cast your eyes up to the handsome period beams. You can also rediscover the sound and sight of old vinyl records on a vintage turntable.

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